Introduction TO Phoenix Karate Trust

Phoenix Karate Trust was started in 2011 by “ Sensei.P.Arun Jothi and Shishan.S.Vijaylakshmi with a sole intention of improving your child’s life and increasing their confidence through the knowledge of self-defense.

The bird phoenix is said to regenerate when it is hurt and is said that it begins a new life by arising from the ashes. On the same lines, the Phoenix karate Trust intents to bring out the strength and courage in your child to rise from any destruction. Phoenix karate aims at bringing both physical and mental benefits to your child. You can see a vital improvement in their health, fitness, and mental attitude after a very few sessions and they continue to develop over the years.


  • Achievements

    SrinivasNational Level Champion
    GnaeshwariNational Level Champion
    HariharanState Level Champion
    AkashState Level Champion